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EBD 2020
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From a different perspective - a backwards meeting

From a different perspective - a backwards meeting

Do we have to do things always the same way and look at things the same way? Of course not! If we want to solve a problem, if we want to get a different result we need sometimes to look from a different perspective. How to do it? Let's talk about it during our meeting.
This time we will gain a new perspective as the whole meeting will be held in a riverse order.
The meeting is literally held in reverse. Everyone must pay close attention to what the evaluation team had to say about them because they are responsible for incorporating those comments later on in the meeting. That way we will also practise our flexibility and improvisation skills.
We are a nonprofit organization. Our meetings are held in English and open to everyone willing to improve presentation, communication and cooperation skills. In a fun and friendly atmosphere, while discussing interesting topics, we learn how to become a better speaker and gain competence useful in everyday life (eg. how to listen effectively, give feedback, or how to motivate others). We practise it during fixed parts of the meeting: prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, evaluations.
We don't force our guests to speak and fluent English is not a requirement (basic is). The entrance is free of charge for guests.

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