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Let Me Introduce: Sothiac

Let Me Introduce: Sothiac

Sothiac is a new duo project with:
Pat Moonchy on voice, analog synth and electronic acoustic devices.
Lucky Liguori on guitar and gongs.

They are very quickly a strong harmony in interpretation of different musical languages which feel close to them like psichedelic-doom in the castle of avant-drone. every show is unique!

Moonchy is a singer with extreme vocal range. She use the natural voice as instrument with many evocative colours she also able to sing in an eerie “double voice”. She is also a musician of research focousing to play rare electronic acoustic devices and analog synth.

Liguori is a multi-instrumental composer/arranger, sound engineer, computer programming.

Both standing out onto music scene since 20 years also to avail
collaboration with international musicians. and bands like: Faust, Pedda Browski, Michele Bernardi, Sawada, Lino Liguori, Dirk Dhonau, Angelo Contini, Roberto Aglieri, Matteo Pennese, Marcello Busato, Amaury Cambuzat and many more.

They have realized “Sothis” album mastering by Kramer and recorded the second album at Clouds Hill Recording in Hamburg last September.

They are in costant activity at least the Japan tour by November 2016 with sixteen gigs in twenty days.

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