The range of our interest includes all genres of contemporary music, visual and performance art. What we have in mind, while talking about contemporary music in the context of our festival, are music forms derived from classical sources, as well as these related to jazz, ethno or rock music.


Mózg Festival, BydgoszczWe are interested in open music forms, merging elements of experimentation, improvisation (as the highest form of composition), as well as forms collaborating with visual disciplines of art.

Speaking of visual arts, we mean performance art as well as video art, visual and audiovisual installations, painting, photography and film. It is more difficult to describe the way we choose visual artists for the festival. What is presented at the festival has to be outstanding, personal and original. In that case we can also use the term 'contemporary visual art', which remains close to the tradition but is created now and with reference to the reality of the world of art (modern techniques or means of expression) as well as contemporary social issues.

Mózg Festival Director
Sławek Janicki

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