ZOO, Bydgoszcz, fot. LPKiW

The zoo at the "Myślęcinek" Park is the only zoological garden in Poland which specializes in the breeding our regional animal species. Visitors to the Zoological Garden in Bydgoszcz can see representatives of the four classes of animals, namely mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Hooved mammals and large predators are exhibited in spacious paddocks, whereas in our aviaries you can see many regional species of birds of prey, owls, gallinaceous birds, the crow family and water fowl. At the very centre of the zoo you will find a beautiful pond with an islet in the middle. This small island is inhabited by wild water birds, whereas cages situated along the path which goes round the pond feature small predators.

In 1990, the so-called Mini Zoo was constructed within the area of the Fauna Garden. This petting zoo gives its visitors, young children in particular, an opportunity to interact with the animals directly. We also have an hibernation area, where Polish reptiles and amphibians are kept and displayed.

The Polish fauna, however, is not the only attraction of the zoo at the "Myślęcinek" Park. In 2004, the "Little Piece of the World" section of the zoo was opened, where species from all continents of the world can be seen. This part of our zoo hosts ring-tailed lemurs, meerkats and Japanese macaques,  to name but a few.

In 2005, yet another new feature was introduced to the Zoological Garden: the so-called "Mini-Terrarium" became home to various species of reptiles and amphibians. The building also includes a small educational room where classes are held.

Apart from the variety of animal species, the zoological garden at the "Myślęcinek" Park offers its youngest visitors a state-of-the-art, safe and fun playground. Right next to it you will find a snack bar, where special events - such as birthday parties for children - are organized in this picturesque setting.

The Zoological Garden is one of the 15 zoological gardens operating in Poland. It covers an area of 14 hectares. Construction of the garden started in 1970, whereas its official opening took place in 1978.

The Zoological Garden
"Myślęcinek" Forest Park for Culture and Leisure in Bydgoszcz
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