Cruises along the Brda river, by the Słonecznik (Sunflower) boats are a major tourist attraction in Bydgoszcz with thousands of satisfied tourists cruising every year. Cruises on both (Old Town and Sunny) routes start at Rybi Rynek.
Bydgoszcz Water Tram, photo by Tymon Markowski

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Słoneczna (Sunny) - 60 min.

Staromiejska (Old Town) - 70 min.

Bydgoszcz looks the most beautiful from the river. The revitalized Mill Island, renovation of the boulevards on the Brda that is underway, historical hydrotechnical facilities on the Bydgoszcz Canal, can be best seen while taking a cruise along the river boat. These boats, called Słonecznik and Słonecznik II, are modern and environmentally friendly vessels, powered by solar energy, which can carry 28 people on board. 

When: Cruises operate daily in the summer season (launch dates to be confirmed), several times a day.

Tickets: are available online (see below) or at the tourist information centre at the Old Market Square

Before the planned trip, we recommend checking availability on the selected date online.

Where: Cruises start at Rybi Market (Rybi Rynek). There is the current timetable and information on routes, which changes occasionally depending on the situation on the waterway.

Prices:  25 PLN and 20 PLN (reduced)

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