Current exhibitions, fot. R. SawickiThe temporary exhibition “Money in the Polish People’s Republic” is focused on presentation of coins and banknotes issued by the Polish State in 1944 - 1989. It will serve as a perfect opportunity for showing an extensive collection of legal tenders owned by the Department of Numismatics of the Leon Wyczółkowski Regional Museum in Bydgoszcz. For some visitors, the exhibition will be a unique “time travel” to the years of youth and childhood, whereas for young people born after 1989, it will be a great history lesson.


 The exhibition will show exclusively objects of crucial importance, since under the exhibition conditions, presentation of all varieties of issuance of money, taking into consideration changes of signatures, series numbers on banknotes and dates on coins, would be unclear. In addition to circulating coins and commemorative coins, the exhibition will also show rare trial coins. Visitors will also get acquainted with interesting coin series, including “Great Poles,” “A gallery of portraits of Polish kings and dukes” and “Environmental Protection.” A great attraction will be sets of banknotes issued since 1944, distinguished by varied aesthetics; ranking from simple forms, through Socialist Realism, to an interesting series of banknotes presenting the famous Poles, made by Andrzej Heinrich, released since the 1970s. 

The exhibition will be supplemented by objects related directly to the topic of money. This group will include savings bank books, food ration coupons, commodity vouchers and savings bonds. The mentioned exhibits, along with photo prints of daily life and copies of newspaper articles regarding the 1950 monetary reform, will introduce an atmosphere of the Polish People’s Republic to visitors.

The exhibition will also present copies of banknotes, showing the background for development of legal tenders. Other numismatic attractions will be gold coins with an image of Nicolaus Copernicus, minted in 1979.

Location of the exhibition: European Money Centre – 4 Mennica Street on the Mill Island Exhibition opens till: 2014-04-22