Every year, the number of original murals in Bydgoszcz grows. You can walk around the city by following their path. Paintings usually decorate the gable walls of buildings, but also… trees! There are paintings that honor historical figures associated with the city, like Marian Rejewski and Józef Święcicki, as well as fairy tale, abstract, eco-friendly and numerous others, in any possible style. Many of the works can be found in the historic centre of Bydgoszcz, but there are also a lot of them in other parts of the city.  

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Proposed inner-city route
Gdańska Street - Parkowa Street - podwórze (yard of Mózg club) - Kazimir the Great Park (Bohema restaurant) - Wolności Square - Piotra Skargi Street - 3 Maja Street - Krasińskiego Street - Reja Street - back to Gdańska Street - Cieszkowskiego Street - 20 stycznia 1920 Street - Niemcewicza Street