Golf Academy, Bydgoszcz, fot. S.Tyczyno

When it opened its doors for the first time in 2005, the Golf Academy featured a driving range and an 18-hole mini-golf course. In 2006, a professional golf course was added, covering an area of 6 hectares and including 9 holes, vast fairways covered with professional standard grass and green areas covered with synthetic grass.

The entire area is equipped with a 5-kilometer watering system and over 200 sprinklers. The nine holes include two "special", Par 5 holes, in line with international golfing standards. A pro golf game requires the players to complete the course twice, playing 18 holes (including 4 specials).

The course is not only fully professional, but also charmingly located amidst the Park's breathtaking landscape. During the very first game played on the "Myślęcinek" golf course, the place was given the title of the most beautifully situated golf course in Poland!


Darri Bohra:

+48 511 96 98 25

+48 517 52 10 64