fot. R.Sawicki

Kupała’s night is a Slavic observance related to the summer solstice, which this year will occur on June, 24. It is also known as the Midsummer Eve, kupalnocka, St. John’s Eve, Green Night, and sobótka (dominutive of the Polish word ‘sobota’ which means Saturday).

Kupała’s Night – Wyspa Młyńska (the Mill Island), June, 22. This year the  wonderous Kupała’s night will be celebrated in Bydgoszcz. It’s a culture and entertainment-oriented event with undertones of the Slavic history. The beginning of the celebrations is scheduled for 4 p.m. and will take place in the Old Town of Bydgoszcz. That’s where a troop of Slavic warriors will march to Wyspa Młyńska (the Mill Island). The island itself will be turned into a Slavic warriors’ village whose “inhabitants” will be dressed in costumes resembling those worn by the original Slavic people. Everyone is invited to take part in the festivities, which will provide us with various forms of entertainment characteristic of that mystic time in history.