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Military Church


Military Church (Kościół Wojskowy pw. Matki Bożej Królowej Pokoju), one of the three oldest religious monuments of the city of Bydgoszcz, dates back to the beginning of the great Jagiellonian era.

During World War I, the temple again became a weapon depot, and later all kinds of scrap metal and junk. On January 20, 1920, Bydgoszcz returns to Motherland. After liberation from the Prussian yoke, the church is handed over to military pastoral care. The wooden gallery remaining after the Prussian occupation was removed, running along the nave, the interior of the church was enriched. St. George by a polychrome by the artist painter Antoni Procajłowicz, and the main altar with a painting depicting Saint George by brush Marian Turwid was raised. The area on which the church stands was dehydrated and protected against moisture by engineer of Kazimierz Madaliński.

Since 1946, construction and conservation work has been undertaken by the military authorities. For almost fifty years, central heating was installed in the church, the roof was changed, the sacristy was renovated, painstaking work was carried out to eliminate moisture on the walls, first in the Chapel of Martyrdom, on whose vault an interestingly colored polychrome was discovered, which was the first decoration of the chapel from the beginning of the 17th century and then throughout the church. Continued renovation of the church is financed by the army. In the years 2011 - 2013, the presbytery was renovated, including roofing, plaster, window and door frames were replaced. The church has been under renovation since 2013, among others the roof covering was replaced, the stained glass windows cleaned and restored, 15 stained glass windows were found, the foundations were unearthed and the foundations were unearthed, and drainage was laid. In addition, a storm and rainwater sewage system was built from the church to the river. Brda (total length about 300 m). A car park with 25 spaces was built in front of the church. Further renovation works of the church are planned - among others cleaning of external bricks. All renovation works are carried out under the supervision of a conservator.

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