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Museum of Soap and History of Dirt

Museum of Soap and History of Dirt


Museum of Soap and History of Dirt – first in Europe. You can learn more about hygiene and washing history since antiquity, some historic figures: Tomasz Łaziebnik Plugawy or Zabłocki (Polish proverb character). The Museum shows pre-war detergent commercials and informs about how soap is made.

When: The Museum is open all week.  Before your planned visit, we recommend taking a look on the museum website at and check reservation for the selected date.

Where: 13 Długa Street,

Ticket prices:
- normal/regular ticket - 32 PLN
- reduced ticket - 26 PLN*
- group ticket - 24 PLN/person**
- guardian ticket - 1 PLN***

*Discount tickets are available for:
1. children, pupils, students up to 26 years of age,
2. people with disabilities with a valid disability certificate,
3. seniors over 65,
4. Persons covered by the Large Family Card.

**A group ticket is directed to:
- a group of people (children or adults) from 10 to 35 people!

***A guardian ticket is available for every 10 group tickets!

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