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EBD 2020
Your official city guide to Bydgoszcz
Granaries on the Brda


The Bydgoszcz granaries on the Brda River are the symbol of the city. They have always been a natural city logo. Why so much sympathy, respect and pride for, you might say, mere granaries - buildings far more modest than extravagant mansions, stylish churches or imposing monuments?
The location of Bydgoszcz is not accidental. Here, the terrestrial trade routes from Wielkopolska to Pomerania and from Krajna to Mazovia double-crossed paths, and it is also on the most important Polish trade route which was the Vistula River.
In the vicinity of Bydgoszcz the Vistula, a true water artery, naturally connects with another waterway - the Brda River, and since the eighteenth century it has also been linked by the Noteć-Bydgoszcz Canal to the Oder and Western Europe.
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