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Deluge Fountain


One of the must-have photographs
of one’s stay in Bydgoszcz is a photo at
the “Deluge” Fountain, which stands in
Kazimierz Wielki Park, in the proximity of
Wolności Square. This impressive fountain,
made by Ferdinand Lepcke, was erected
on this site in 1904, in the then garden of
the Bydgoszcz District Government. The
artist placed a composition referring to the
Biblical Deluge in a huge pool made from
red sandstone. In the middle is a group
of people rising to a height of 6 metres,
featuring a muscular man holding a languid
woman, and a second woman lying dead at
his feet with a child clinging to her. There
are additional statues on the sides; one of
them depicts a man fighting for his life with
a snake wrapped around him, while another
features a mother bear with a dead cub. The unique effect of the monument is created by
the surface surrounding the fountain, made
as a multicolour, ornamental mosaic with a
motif of waves.
This greatest work made by the artist
had impressed spectators until 1943 as one
of the biggest attractions of Bydgoszcz,
and a popular site for taking photographs.
Unfortunately, valuable sculptures were
confiscated for war purposes. These
days, thanks to the Social Committee for
Rebuilding the Fountain established in
2004, the bronze, multi-figural statue has
been faithfully restored. The rebuilt scene
of the Biblical Deluge, placed in a renovated
basin and surrounded by the restored
mosaic, has once again become one of the
most impressive and beautiful fountains in
The restored fountain looks most
beautiful after dusk, when colourful
illumination highlights the sculpted
do góry

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