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Fabryka Czasu - Two faces of the clown

Fabryka Czasu - Two faces of the clown


You close your eyes and move to a place you remember very well from your childhood. You stand in front of a huge tent and smell the smell of popcorn and cotton candyfloss in the air. In front of you, you see a smiling clown holding a red balloon in his hand, waving to you and inviting you inside the tent. In the distance you can hear the carefree laughter and joy not only of children but also of adults. You already know that it will be unforgettable, full of smiles, but... As you come closer and closer you hear disturbing sounds, screams and cries... Are you sure you want to go in there?
2 - 4 people - PLN 120
There is a possibility to play in 5 people after previous telephone contact and an additional 20 PLN for the next person.

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