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EBD 2020
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Break The Brain - Freakshow

Break The Brain - Freakshow


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! We're honored to invite you to the one of the most spectacular performs you'll ever see. Here's the amazing, extraordinary and unique FREAKSHOW." You've found this message with tickets attached in a myserious letter you received this morning. You took this opportunity and quickly got there but there was no one to welcome you and the circus seemed abandon. You decided to step inside and check. You had no idea that you will be the main stars of the event...
Team: 2-4
Time: 60 min
Price: TU-TH (3-4 people) 129pln, (2 people)- 99pln; FR-SU (3-4 people) 139pln, (2 people) 99pln

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