Bydgoszcz Water Tram, fot. R.Sawicki

We’re just waiting for our beautiful water trams to go back to their routes on the Brda. The Sunflowers (as they’re called  because of the sun being their energy source) will stop at the recently modernized stops equipped with electronic timetables.

They’re going to cruise the river between 1 May and 7 September. The cruises will be scheduled for five working days (Mon-Fri), and will start at 10:00 a.m. and finish at 7:25 p.m., whereas 10.50 a.m. – 7.25 p.m. will be the hours of the cruises at weekends and on holidays. One of the two boats (with the solar drive) is to join its elder sister in June when the interest in the trams is at its peak. During the summer break, there is going to be another boat in use, which will take us back to the days of the unforgettable steam engine – and “Bydgoszcz” is the name she proudly bears.