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EBD 2020
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Great Chairs


Installation on Mill Island according to the ideas of Wacław Kuchma, implemented as part of the Mobile Museum.

"I was born in a house with windows overlooking Mill Island. I placed my chairs in front of this house. Although part of this house is gone, the place exists, not only physically. It exists metaphysically, written out of consciousness. Eternity of a happy childhood. A form of two chairs in me is a symbol of bond, emotions and happy years of birth. We sat on chairs, next to parents or grandparents. It is beautiful warmth, where the parents are home. Later this home becomes the person with whom we spend our lives. The beginning of this beautiful home is next to the Island, which used to be more beautiful. It was natural. It is in this space that the values ​​of my present were born. I dedicate this work to my grandparents, parents and Dorota, who is my home."

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