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EBD 2020
Your official city guide to Bydgoszcz
Clock with Bydgoszcz time


The clock measures Central European and Bydgoszcz time. Central European Time is the time zone corresponding to the solar meridian time of 15 ° E. Central European time is the most widely used in European Union countries. However, Bydgoszcz time is 12 minutes earlier than Central European Time, consistent with our geographical location. It results from the fact that 1 degree of longitude corresponds to 4 minutes, and 18 meridian runs through Bydgoszcz. The clock is located on the revitalized Old Market Square, on the northern frontage. It crowns the illuminated 18th meridian line. The clock has original, unusual hands.  They were designed in such a way that when they meet, the outline of one of the granaries is created. 

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