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EBD 2020
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Brama / Gate


The impressive painting by Tomasz Pobiedziński decorates the wall of the Prison in Old Fordon. The form of the gate has its symbolism - it invites to the interior of the city, to get to know it, to experience new impressions and gain experience. The Latin sentence on the frieze carries additional content: BONUS INTRA, MELIOR EXI, which means: "Get in good, get out better." The idea of ​​the gate fits into the context of the place, creating a color-coherent composition with the space. The gate is surprising, but at the same time it is an extension of the body. The color is consistent with the surroundings, treated in a painterly way using chiaroscuro creates a new quality.

Foto. Bite-Art / Michał Szlachta

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