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EBD 2020
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Their speciality is BUBBLE TEA.
What is Bubble Tea?
The basis of this iconic drink is black, green or red tea served cold with ice or hot. A classic in the Asian beverage world is tea with milk or yoghurt filled with syrups such as strawberry, coconut, apple, peach and more. In its original form, tapioca pearls rest at the bottom of the cup, prepared from cassava root, a sweet and much healthier cousin of our potato. Characteristic for bubble tea are hundreds of tiny bubbles which are released by strong shaking in a special mechanical shaker. However, you will not only find tapioca at the bottom of the cup, there are various additives waiting for you in BOBOone, from sweet jellies in many exotic and native flavours to magic balls filled with sweet syrups. Popping boba, or the aforementioned balls, is made from seaweed extract and natural juices. The popping balls are an unquestionable hit of drinks in BOBOone.
The whole thing is served in aesthetically pleasing, handy plastic cups, sealed in place by another cosmic device. The cup is opened by piercing the foil lid with a thick, pointed straw, and then an infinite number of taste sensations will engulf your senses. BOBOone invites you all to an excellent spectacle of aesthetic and taste sensations.


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