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Master Twardowski

Master Twardowski


Every day, at 1:13 pm and 9:13 pm,
a window opens in the tenement house
in the Old Market Square no. 15, where
Master Twardowski appears in a smoke
haze, whooping with laughter. According to
legend, Twardowski arrived to the city on a
rooster (other stories claim that he arrived
to the Old Market Square in a chair). After his arrival to the city, Master Twardowski
headed to the “Zgorzelec” Inn, where along
with his servant Maciek and devils – Smołka
and Węgliszek – they stayed and met with
customers. When news spread across the
town that the Master knew magic, there was
always some nobleman or townsman asking
him for advice or help. One of them was the
Mayor, an older gentleman who had a very
young wife. He had a hard time keeping up
with her. Thus he asked Master Twardowski
to rejuvenate him. The Master, assisted by
devils, prepared an extract from magical
herbs, in which he bathed the old man. After
several hours sitting in the pot, he emerged
out of it a much younger man. Unfortunately,
after coming home, neither his wife nor any
of his servants recognized him.

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