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Bydgoszcz Water, Industry and Craft Trail TeH2O

Bydgoszcz Water, Industry and Craft Trail TeH2O


Bydgoszcz Water, Industry and Craft Trail TeH2O is an industrial thematic trail in Bydgoszcz that combines the history of fifteen places inscribed in the space of a city organically related to water. Each novel intertwines the fate of the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz - craftsmen, entrepreneurs, social workers - with the development of local industry and crafts. It is impossible to deny that the greatest potential of the city is invariably its people. The TeH2O trail in Bydgoszcz is T for technology, H for History and O for two stories! The phenomenon of Bydgoszcz's industrial heritage lies in the ability to subdue water as an element by science and technology, and draw on its resources in many different ways. You can look at the Bydgoszcz Canal or, more broadly, water, as a transport route, energy source or a key ingredient in the production process. The initiative to create the trail was taken in 2012 by Bydgoszcz as part of the international SHIFT-X project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (Central Europe Program). This is a European initiative, aimed primarily at improving the structures of industrial heritage management and creating innovative products of industrial heritage. The project was inspired by the Industrial Monuments Route in Silesia, the Energy Trail in Łużyce and the Styrian Iron Trail. The TeH2O trail stands out from other routes by narrative. The objects on it play the role of illustrations and scenery for many interwoven stories about people and events from the period of industrial flourishing of Bydgoszcz. The TeH2O trail is an impulse to search for information about the city, history "straight from the factory" and exploring urban secrets. The TeH2O trail is a spiritus movens immersion in a new chemical compound in Bydgoszcz.

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