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EBD 2020
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Let's play the game

Let's play the game


Two themed rooms on offer:

Exorcist's room
One day, Ed and Lorraine are summoned by the Perron family, whose home is home to a mysterious phantom that keeps them alone. The researchers conducted exorcisms, but failed to drive out the evil spirits. You have decided to find the truth yourself and go to the mansion. During the tour, one person from your group has disappeared. You have no choice but to find your friend at all costs, whether you can find him and at the same time expel the demons. Show courage. You have 60 minutes.

Saws are back.
The day starts like any other school, work and home. But not this time. You wake up stunned, you don't know where you are, there's blood everywhere, and someone points out your faults. At first you think, stupid joke of friends.
But the last words of an anonymous character give you to think. What attempt? What game? The famous Saw chose you for his game. You only have 60 minutes... Your life is at stake!



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