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EBD 2020
Your official city guide to Bydgoszcz


An exceptional place located 2 km from the centre of Bydgoszcz in the Forest Park of Culture and Recreation "MYSLECINEK", the largest city park in Poland. In the immediate vicinity there is a skate park, paths for all kinds of sports, the Garden of Fauna and Flora, the Botanical Garden, the Amusement Park with the Lunapark - all this makes every weekend Myślęcinek is visited by several thousand people, mainly actively spending their free time.
Wakepark Bydgoszcz is a beach, a summer bar, two volleyball fields, a tent for 500 people. Thanks to this, we are visited not only by athletes but whole families. The central place of our spot is a wakeboard lift Sesitec 2.0 with professional obstacles - kicker spine and rooftop by Wakepro.

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